Examples of Bad Graphic Design

Here are some bad logo examples in graphic design

1) Bad Designs

I originally had found only one picture of bad design that I wanted to share, but when I clicked on that picture, it took me to a whole website full of bad designs.  While clearly they are bad designs (and a lot of them semi-inappropriate), they are quite funny to look at.  I don’t understand how people can be THAT careless when creating a design.  I mean they must have thought about it I would think!

2) Haven Works

So, I typed in bad web page designs onto Google, and a picture for this site popped up.  I didn’t think this was even a legitimate page, but I typed it in and indeed it is.  This is a very bad design, and it’s pretty clear why.  It is incredibly cluttered, and the eye can’t find a place to settle.  The type is jumbled together, everything back to back, making it hard to read and confusing as to where new statements start.  The pictures are all way too small even to know what is going on.  This is just a horrible excuse for a web page.  They clearly need to make some changes!

3) Orange Juice

I found this online when I searched “Old vs. New logos” and thought it was interesting.  Tropicana decided to try a new design (the one on the left) and apparently it didn’t go over too well with customers.  I personally agree with the customers!  The old design (the one of the right) is so classic and well-known.  The orange with the straw in it is a familiar and famous icon for Tropicana.  Why change it to something more boring?  The new design is less attractive and just plain boring in my opinion.  Keep it the old way Tropicana!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. huddlestonk
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 15:05:38

    Great examples Jordyn. That first website on bad design was very entertaining.


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